Decreasing barriers to entrepreneurship for people of color.

Get connected to the resources you need in order to succeed: mentoring, grants, loans, and investments.
Service Providers

Help EEWi reach more entrepreneurs of color and connect organizations of color to address and identify gaps in services.


Get connected to entrepreneurs and to the resources you need in order to succeed.


Mentors work directly with our entrepreneurs to help them identify and connect to resources based on their needs.

Meet Economic Empowerment Wisconsin

Using resource development to support entrepreneurs of color.

Coupling needs analysis and technical assistance with fund development to move entrepreneurs of color from grant recipients to qualified loan candidates to attractive investments.
Step 1.
Referral and Intake

Our partner network refers entrepreneurs to our intake survey - we help determine current needs and strengths.

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Step 2.
Unmatched Mentorship

A needs-based approach to resource development. Entrepreneurs receive technical assistance and mentorship from EEWi member partners.

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Step 3.
Network Development

EEWi is building a network of entrepreneurs and service organizations. By collaborating with EEWi, you'll have access to our entire network to help foster new relationships and grow your business.

Great success begins with collaboration.

Meeting Needs
After completing the intake application, we evaluate findings and conduct interviews, developing an individualized success plan.
Technical Assistance
Mentors provide entrepreneurs with success plans which include connections to service providers and recommended funding opportunities. Grants, Loans and Investment requests will be managed by a qualified, diverse committee through our partner network.
On-going Evaluation
EEWi member partners remain as mentors conducting evaluations at least every three months to assess progress for up to one year after completion.
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