Unmatched Mentoring

Connect with the resources you need.

IRMa will equip business owners with the tools needed to support their business aspirations, while minimizing some of the challenges and roadblocks unique to them.

The online tool will actively connect entrepreneurs to mentors that provide guidance to needs-based services such as training programs, organizations, investments, grants, as well as personal resources that address transportation, childcare, or home stability.

Amazing mentors matched to your needs.

  • Our network of mentors will be as closely matched to your industry and specific resource gaps
  • Mentors work directly with you to determine which resources are best aligned to help you
  • A continuous feedback process, and pre-determined mentorship track helps you get the most out of the professional relationships you build with the EEWi network.
A Streamlined Approach to Mentorship

A mentorship program built just for you.

Our purpose is to make the long-term impact of the innovation include a community designed to support the engagement, interaction and collaboration with fellow entrepreneurs in a supportive environment; a network of expert, seasoned mentors and consultants from the business and entrepreneurship communities serving as committee members and mentors.
Needs Survey
Complete an online intake survey designed to distill your needs and barriers to success. Complete below.
Evaluation and Interviews
After completing the intake survey, you'll receive an email with general resource and an invite to join our Interactive Resource Map (IRMa).
Mentorship & Direction
Once you sign into IRMa, complete the in- depth survey, and match with a mentor. You will connect and determine the resources that best meet your unique needs.
Resource Alignment
Your mentor will make sure your are aligned with the right grant, loan, or investments. Virtual meetings and follow ups can be made via IRMa
The Stages of Business

Curious about
what stage you fit in?

We'll walk you through the various stages of development, and help you pick the category that matches your stage best.
1. Birth
The moment you take a risk and work to meet your own needs.
2. Infancy
A race for survival. You may have hired one person, but you are running the business.
You're focused on production and building cash flow.
3. Toddler
Management by crisis. Your business walks & talks on its own, but cash flow is a concern.
4. Teenager
You're developing professional teams to manage the business. Growth is your focus and innovation is rampant.
5. Young Adult
You're beginning to anticipate future outcomes, settling down and focusing on systems in a serious way.
6. Maturity
Sales and profits are growing and your business is largely run by management.
7. Mid-life Evaluation
Things are beginning to break down and you're evaluating whether to rejuvenate systems and products, or age. Innovate or begin to die.
8. Aging
Breakdown begins to accelerate. A state of denial. You may play the victim and your attacks and blame are leading to your top talent leaving.
9. Institutionalization
Organization is kept alive artificially through subsidization, systems, rules and policies but there's no innovation happening. You're not truly focused on serving the needs of the community.
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