Our Approach

One process, many successes.

We are currently building our Interactive Resource Map (IRMa), which will ensure that all support we provide is direct and sufficient. First, entrepreneurs provide intake/data through IRMa. Once Built, they are matched with a mentor to review their unique resource plan(map) and set goals. Then the mentor/mentee implements the map by connecting with service organizations and resources that may include completing applications for grants, loans, training programs, etc. Via IRMa, the mentor continues to guide and support the mentee through the steps of his individual plan.  Meeting and follow up appointments are scheduled and milestones are tracked until success is achieved.
Entrepreneurs apply for mentorship or are referred to our program by partner organizations, and are reviewed by our Executive Committee.
Our entrepreneurs are matched with a mentor that helps them use IRMa (Interactive Resource Map) to get a tailored list of resources based on their needs.
Mentors work with entrepreneurs to direct them to community resources based on their custom resource plan. Training programs, loans, grants, investments, etc.
We work directly with the entrepreneurs, mentors, and resource providers to assess gaps in services and find opportunities to assist entrepreneurs better.

Our process to equity in entrepreneurial success.

EEWi focuses on giving funding and mentorship resources to those who need it.

1% of the Fortune 500 are people of color. It's time to change the landscape.
1% of Venture Funded Startups are people of color.
More than 80% of venture firms don't have a single investor who is a person of color.

The numbers are clear.
We need more equity and more diversity
in business leadership.

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